Miami Hack Week
Sunday, January 23rd, 2022: 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Friday January 28th EST
Miami, FL

Have you heard? Miami Hack Week is back - bigger than ever! Hack Week brings together some of the most talented engineers building in the web3, blockchain, and fintech space to spend 1 week in a super immersive hackathon experience.

Plan on arriving Sunday, January 23rd. The hackathon officially ends Friday evening, January 28th, but most people will stay until Sunday to party it up because . . . . it's Miami

We will have a kickoff on Sunday, where team placement will be figured out. The hacking itself takes place from Monday through Friday. The expo is on Friday.

The hackathon is free for you to attend, and most houses will provide food as well. However, you will be responsible for your lodging costs.

Sign up on to get access to the different houses! Each time a house is confirmed, it will be texted out to the list of hackers interested with a link to apply to the house.

Hosted by Miami Hack Week Hackathon

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