The Crypto Connect EXPO (Aug. 20th)
DARKReading: Building and Maintaining an Effective Remote Access Strategy (Aug. 2nd)
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT
The COVID-19 pandemic transformed enterprises into remote workplaces overnight, forcing IT organizations to revamp their computing and networking strategies on the fly. Some of the changes were intended to be temporary, and some rules were adopted without thinking through all the implications. With businesses moving to permanent work-from-home and hybrid work models, enterprise IT teams need to rebuild their security strategies and switch off temporary rules and controls.

Attendees can expect to learn about:

  • Remote work policies that safeguard identity, access and user data.
  • Balancing user convenience against security policies that satisfy the "C" suite.
  • Password and account management that are speedy, efficient and secure.
  • Handling the increased workload that comes with keeping remote workers' data and devices secure.

Hosted by DARKReading

Angelbeat: Cloud (Aug. 3rd)
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EDT
This Angelbeat virtual seminar on Wednesday August 3, focuses on the Cloud, features expert/technical speakers from AWS and other leading companies, and covers highly relevant topics including:
  • Seamless and Integrated Management of Hybrid, Multi, Public, Private Cloud with LAN, WAN, SD-WAN Platforms
  • Cloud-Managed Networks: Simplified, Distributed, Scalable Networking for the Infinite Enterprise
  • Cloud Resiliency and Interconnection Architecture by Directly Connecting into all Cloud Services plus Peer with Major Networks
  • Low-Code Application Development: Rapidly Create and Deploy Critical Applications into the Cloud
  • Fully Managed Backup, Recovery, Migration, Data Protection as a Service for AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Penetration Testing and Adversary Simulation to Identify Threat Vectors and Vulnerabilities in Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Automate Cloud Compliance and Governance, with AWS Security Hub

Hosted by Ron Gerber from Angelbeat

24By7Security: Using Business Integrity and Data Governance to Address Ethical Responsibility (Aug. 3rd)
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022: 12:00 PM to 4:15 PM EDT
Regardless of their size, organizations must focus on creating strategic alignment to govern the use of data and the inherent risk.

Companies are moving increasingly toward a holistic approach to social, ethical, and responsible business stewardship in today's ecosystem. This involves creating an ecosystem and corporate culture that engrains ethical behavior and risk management as part of the foundation of their value proposition. There are several fundamental issues and critical factors one must consider for this approach to be successful.

Join us for this deep dive session as Charles Grau, Sr. VP of Operations & Technology at PropertyForce, will review the steps required to create this organizational culture as a strategy to mitigate risk while providing opportunities to properly measure data governance, software utilization, and interaction within today's B2B and Consumers alike.

Hosted by 24By7Security

DARKReading: How Supply Chain Attacks Work - And What You Can Do to Stop Them (Aug. 17th)
Wednesday, August 17th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
The headline-making attack against Solarwinds sent a shockwave through the world and had many security and business leaders reexamining the security of their own supply chains. In a supply chain - or third party - attack, criminals infiltrate and disrupt the computer systems of a company's key suppliers or vendors and, through this third-party access, are then able to breach other organizations associated with the initial target.

Attend this webinar and you'll learn about:

  • Assessing an organization's current software supply chain risk.
  • How Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) fit into the future of supply chain security.
  • A few crucial best practices for preventing software supply chain attacks.
  • Accounting for flaws lurking in open-source repositories.

Hosted by DARKReading

BWGStrategy: How Cloud Detection & Response Can Help Organizations Intercept Cloud Attacks (Aug. 17th)
Wednesday, August 17th, 2022: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT
Security teams are responsible for detecting and preventing threats in their cloud estates. Yet, traditional detection & response security solutions don't have insight into cloud telemetry and only examine workload risks without looking at the big picture. Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) is a new category of solutions that solves these limitations.

Discussion Topics

  • What is Cloud Detection & Response and how does it work?
  • EDR, XDR and NDR solutions already exist. Why do we need CDR?
  • Hear examples of cloud attacks that CDR can intercep
  • Five essential CDR capabilities for effective cloud monitoring & response
  • The pros and cons of agentless vs. agent-based CDR solutions

Hosted by BWGStrategy

ITProToday: How to Be Ready for Ransomware (Aug. 18th)
Thursday, August 18th, 2022: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
You thought it was bad before?

You may wish for the days when ransomware attackers just used some malware, encrypted data, and asked you for Bitcoin. Supply chain attacks, doxing and blackmail threats, intellectual property theft, and inventive ransom requests that have deep business consequences, are now part and parcel of the attacker toolbox. How are IT leaders supposed to prepare for such complex threats?

  • How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks
  • You've Been Attacked. Now What?
  • Protecting Your Business Lifeblood - Your Data
  • Should You Pay?

Hosted by ITProToday

DARKReading: Ransomware Resilience and Response: The Next Generation (Aug. 18th)
Thursday, August 18th, 2022: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
When ransomware locks up your business's critical data and essential gear, there is no time to figure out what to do. There is only time to act - without panicking. That's why a good ransomware response playbook is essential: Do you know if this is a worm that is going to spread to other endpoints or is the attack contained. Do we have backups and how long will it take to get up and running? Should we pay the ransom - and do we even have the cryptocurrency on hand to pay with? Do we know what to do to ensure business continuity?

Hosted by DARKReading

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