South Florida Innovation Day 2023 (Nov. 15th)
TechHub: DEI in Today's Talent Market Oct 4th)
Wednesday, October 4th, 2023: 5:30 PM to 8:00 AM
ModMed - 4700 Exchange Court Boca Raton, FL 33431

Join us for an engaging and enlightening event as we delve into the critical topic of "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Today's Talent Market." Our distinguished speaker, Oz, CEO of MSH, will lead an insightful presentation that promises to broaden your perspective and empower you to drive positive change in your organization.

Following the presentation, we will hear from a diverse panel of professionals from a technical hiring manager, industry and agency recruiters, professional employer organization leader, and

During this event, we will explore the following key points:

  • Understanding DEI: Gain a deep insight into what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion truly mean in today's context. Oz will provide a comprehensive overview, dispelling myths and shedding light on the core principles.

  • Evaluating Organizational Values: Learn how to assess your organization's commitment to DEI. Discover the strategies and tools to gauge how effectively DEI is embedded within a workplace culture.

  • Perspectives from Candidates and Hiring Managers: Explore the contrasting viewpoints of candidates and hiring managers regarding DEI initiatives. Oz will provide valuable insights into bridging these perspectives to create a more inclusive recruitment process.

  • Taking Ownership: Discover how you can personally contribute to fostering a culture of DEI, both within yourself and within your workplace. Oz will share actionable steps to empower you to make a difference.

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SFTH: Private Executive Women's Night Out (Oct. 18th)
Wednesday, October 16th, 2023: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Ann's Florist & Coffee Bar, Fort Lauderdale

Get ready for an extraordinary gathering! In our upcoming roundtable, we're assembling the brightest female tech executives to ignite a powerful dialogue on our most pressing challenges.

At this event, we won't just talk; we'll problem-solve with precision using the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) method. It's a unique opportunity to share insights, tackle complex issues, and harness the collective genius of tech executive women.

Guiding us through this strategic journey will be none other than Brittany Fox, the exceptional COO and Integrator of Focus GTS.

Together, we'll pave the way for innovation, growth, and uncharted success!

Hosted by South Florida TechHub

    TECHplooza 2023 Hosted by South Florida Tech Hub (Dec. 14th)
    Thursday, December 14th, 2023: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    #TECHpalooza is baaaack!!! Make sure you save the date on your calendar. This year is going to be huge. You don't want to miss it! Registrations opening soon.

    Reach out to us for sponsorship and speaking opportunities:

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